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What climate change means for rivers

Climate Change & Rivers
This week's IPCC report on our climate doesn't tell us anything we didn't know, but it does double-down on the urgency needed to make changes.... Read More

Gateway Gardens: A Local Investment Model for Clean Water

Stormwater and Sewage, Urban Waters
As communities across the country are facing needed upgrades to their water infrastructure, many are turning to green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) for a more integrated approach to clean water, greening, and public health. ... Read More

A Good First Step for our Infrastructure

Climate Change & Rivers, Conserving Clean Water, Dam Removal, Floods & Floodplains, Restoring Damaged Rivers, Stormwater and Sewage, Urban Waters, Water Supply
The Biden administration has led Congress to recognize and address the water infrastructure issues plaguing the country, but more must be done.... Read More

Snake River Vision: Tribal Rights

Dam Removal, Environmental Justice, Restoring Damaged Rivers
In the signing of the treaties with indigenous nations, the US government guaranteed fishing and hunting in the usual and accustomed places. Part of our joint contract is that there be fish to catch and game to hunt. We cannot make a contract that people can fish and then... Read More

Snake River Vision: Climate Resilience

Climate Change & Rivers, Dam Removal, Restoring Damaged Rivers
Hot water kills salmon and steelhead, and a warming climate means warming water. Impacts on salmon and steelhead are amplified in heavily dammed systems like the Columbia and Snake, where giant lakes of impounded water behind dams warm quickly in summer and early fall months—and stay warm. ... Read More

Snake River Vision: Job Security

Dam Removal, Restoring Damaged Rivers
The Northwest has long understood that the economy and the environment are interconnected, and their integration is one of the region’s greatest strengths. Ensuring the health of Northwest rivers is not just the right thing to do for our ecosystems; healthy rivers also support other, long-time, bedrock economic sectors... Read More

Can the South Fork Salmon River be saved?

Protecting Rivers, Water Pollution
The South Fork Salmon River is a national treasure that provides critical spawning habitat for the longest distance, high-elevation salmon migration on earth, as well as world class whitewater recreation, fishing, and opportunities for solitude.... Read More

Top 10 Strategies for Climate Resilience in the CO Basin

Protecting Rivers, Restoring Damaged Rivers
Experts are sounding the alarm (and have been) about the realities of a simultaneously drying and ever-more-water-demanding West. We must invest in immediate strategies for managing the situation brought on by the climate crisis. A recent report to which American Rivers contributed outlines some such strategies for climate resilience... Read More